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Easier Invoicing and Faster Payments

Collecting payments against an invoice can be a hassle. Customers have typically been restricted to over-the-phone payments during business hours or mailing a check with the risk of it being lost or stolen. Enable ClickToPay, our one-click payment technology, to get paid faster and provide a simplified payment experience to customers!

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Invoicing the Easy Way

ClickToPay is the secure, paperless way for customers to pay on invoices without burdening your time and resources.

Available through several of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms, you can generate and email invoices to your customers for them to pay using a credit card or ACH in a few clicks.




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No Hassle Invoice Payments

When it’s easier for customers to pay, they are more likely to pay on time. ClickToPay can help your business:

  • Increase on-time payments
  • Eliminate paper invoices and check payments
  • Support multiple ways to pay
  • Reduce duplicate data entry

ClickToPay is currently available via the below ERP integrations

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Seamless Payment Integrations

REPAY offers payment solutions directly integrated into several popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms. And if a prebuilt integration is not available for the business solutions you use, we can develop a custom integration for you through our API.

Learn more about how integrating payments to your workstream can help streamline your business operations.

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