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Simplify Accounts Payable for Educational Institutions

Worrying about paying vendors and suppliers on time using manual paper check processes can limit your staff’s ability to focus on providing an exceptional educational environment. Free up time in the day with REPAY’s automated payment solutions.

Optimize budget balancing

reduce late payments and transaction costs

improve vendor management

Reduce Manual Entry with Streamlined Accounts Payable

Refocus attention on what really matters and relieve stress from your staff and budget with customizable accounts payable solutions. Cut through the hassle of cutting checks and performing manual payment entry. REPAY integrates with your existing operations software and handles all payments centrally.

Pay vendors automatically with credit card, virtual card or ACH

Gain visibility from realtime reporting for improved budget forecasting

Reduce mistakes by removing the risks from duplicate entries

Enhance security and ensure regulatory compliance

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More Funds Back to Schools with Every Vendor Payment

Eliminate paper checks and pay vendors with virtual cards and ACH. Potential rebates from these payments can be funneled back into your budget to fund parties, graduation celebrations, motivational campaigns or other school incentives. 

  • Easily add, alter or cancel funds
  • Set specific dollar amounts and expiration dates for additional security
  • Use automated internal tracking and reconciliation management

Use our ROI calculator to determine potential savings.


Benefits of REPAY

Traditional payment systems cost you precious time and negatively impact your bottom line. With a frictionless, centralized solution in place, you can save thousands by digitizing costly payment processes and gaining visibility and control over your funds.

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Enhance the vendor experience using our simplified AP platform. You can relax while we do all the work, from setup to support.

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    Pay using virtual cards, credit cards and ACH
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    Eliminate time-consuming manual entry
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    Save money on paper checks and late payment fees
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    Pay vendors and suppliers accurately and on time
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    Put funds back in your budget with rebates

Hear from our clients

“We have been able to use the rebate revenue, over $60K annually, to bring in speakers to talk with our students, visit other high performing schools, and even remodel to build a central registration office. All of these efforts would not be possible if this program did not exist.”

Florida School System Generates Revenue Through Virtual Card Program

See how REPAY helped one school system implement digital vendor payments to generate $750,000 a year in rebates.

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Florida School System



Ensuring payment security builds better relationships with the vendors you rely on. However, fraud schemes are constantly changing. Give payment security to REPAY! Our platform protects outbound vendor payments, any way they are made.

  • Reduce ACH return ratios using ACH validation
  • Assign access permissions and implement dual control
  • Confirm check validity before processing through positive pay
  • Securely store data with tokenization, encryption and more
  • Utilize custodial accounts instead of sharing bank account and routing numbers

Benefit from Faster, More Secure Payments

Digital payment technology evolves every day, and REPAY has the resources and expertise to keep you ahead of the changes. Rely on REPAY to simplify payments and manage the platform integrations for improved cash flow, streamlined internal processes and increased vendor satisfaction.


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