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Reimagine Top-Tier Hospitality with Automated AP and AR Solutions

Save time and reduce costs by streamlining payables and receivables within one system. Integrate our solutions into your existing management platform to gain more control over your business.

streamline payables and receivables

Save time and reduce costs

improve cash flow

Save Time and Money with Vendor Payment Automation

Running separate systems to manage vendor payments consumes time you don’t have. Relying on cutting, mailing and tracking paper checks also costs time and money.

Consolidate, digitize and upgrade your systems to improve cash flow and vendor relationships with REPAY’s all-in-one payment platform.

  • Eliminate paper checks
  • Pay vendors using virtual cards, credit cards, ACH and enhanced ACH
  • Utilize an easy-to-use payment validation process
  • Easily manage payment exceptions
  • Ensure on-time payments and avoid late payment fees
  • Earn virtual card and enhanced ACH rebates to increase your bottom line

Streamline Receivables and Your Customer Experience 

Ensure on-time payments and reduce downtime dealing with manual paperwork when you digitize receivables. Integrated into your existing property management system, easily manage and track the receipt of each payment all within one convenient platform.

Debit card, credit card and ACH payments

Omni-channel solutions:  online, text, mobile and phone / IVR

PCI-compliant web portal for secure payments

Comprehensive, realtime reporting

Benefits of REPAY

Traditional payment systems cost you precious time and negatively impact your bottom line. With a frictionless, centralized solution in place, you can save thousands by digitizing costly payment processes and gaining visibility and control over your funds.

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Check fees are costly, and manually entering and processing checks can be time-consuming and error-prone. Eliminate paper and reduce transaction fees by paying vendors digitally and make it easy for business customers to pay any way they want.

  • credit card icon
    Pay vendors and suppliers using virtual cards, credit cards, ACH and enhanced ACH
  • personal hands and money icon
    Securely accept ACH, credit cards and debit cards
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual entry
  • piggy bank icon
    Save on paper costs and late payment fees



“The move to REPAY for payment automation has been an absolute win for our company. We spend less time and money processing vendor payments, the payment interface is simple and intuitive, and customer service has been outstanding.”

Diversified Hospitality Conglomerate Generates Revenue Through Virtual Card Program

Our payment experts have helped our hospitality clients spend significantly less resources processing vendor payments, leading to huge savings and company growth.

Get Started
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Diversified Hospitality Conglomerate



No two companies are alike. Our payment experts provide custom consultation and ongoing support so you can use the payment solutions best for you.

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Let Us Enroll Your Vendors

Don’t break a sweat when it comes to onboarding your vendors. Our team contacts each one to verify their payment preference and set up your ability to automatically pay them. Since REPAY is integrated into your existing operating systems, you can easily approve payments and track them in real time.

  • Quick, effortless vendor onboarding
  • Live set-up within a week
  • Multiple enrollment techniques maximize electronic payments
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Always-available Customer Service

U.S.-based and available 24/7/365, our dedicated customer service team can assist you with every aspect of REPAY’s payment processing program.

  • Payment professionals assist with transactions, deposits, chargebacks, risk mitigation and billing
  • Outbound calling assistance when you need to gather vendor data or follow up on payments
  • PCI specialists provide guidance to help you maintain compliance


Ensuring payment security builds better relationships with the vendors you rely on. However, fraud schemes are constantly changing. Give payment security to REPAY! Our platform protects outbound vendor payments, any way they are made.

  • Reduce ACH return ratios using ACH validation
  • Assign access permissions and implement dual control
  • Confirm check validity before processing through positive pay
  • Securely store data with tokenization, encryption and more
  • Utilize custodial accounts instead of sharing bank account and routing numbers

Benefit from Faster, More Secure Payments

Digital payment technology evolves every day, and REPAY has the resources and expertise to keep you ahead of the changes. Rely on REPAY to simplify payments and manage the platform integrations for improved cash flow, streamlined internal processes and increased vendor and customer satisfaction.

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