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Streamline Accounts Payable for Media Payments

Stop spending valuable time managing media and political advertising payments. Instead focus on building great brands and helping clients win campaigns when you automate your supplier payment processes.

Digitize supplier payment processing

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Improve cash flow

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Gain AP efficiencies

Save Time and Money With VENDOR PAYMENT Automation

Alleviate the stress of election seasons and advertisement purchases by automating supplier payments across your entire media landscape. Vendor payment automation solutions integrate into existing ERP and accounting software to enable media and political advertising agencies to make the best media buys while saving countless hours and ensuring funds are delivered on time to the right place.

Digitize payments using enhanced ACH and virtual credit cards

Customize payment reminders and notifications

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Reduce manual entry and paper processes

Gain control and visibility using robust reporting

Benefits of REPAY

Traditional payment systems cost you precious time and negatively impact your bottom line. With a frictionless, centralized solution in place, you can save thousands by digitizing costly payment processes and gaining visibility and control over your funds.

Campaigns can change instantly, which is why ensuring that your clients’ political advertising payments aren’t delayed is absolutely critical, especially during chaotic election seasons. Widely trusted by political advertisers, our innovative, automated electronic payments solutions enable you to reduce costs and gain efficiencies.

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    End-to-end automation of political ad payments
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    Large, established supplier network
  • Secure, flexible payment delivery
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All Your Suppliers Enrolled

Don’t break a sweat when it comes to onboarding your suppliers. Our team contacts each one to verify their payment preference and set up your ability to automatically pay them. Since REPAY is integrated into your existing accounting systems, you can easily approve payments and track them in real time.

  • Quick, effortless supplier onboarding
  • Largest supplier network in the industry
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Best In Class Service

U.S.-based, our experienced media and payment solutions professionals can assist you with every aspect of REPAY’s payment processing program.

  • Outbound calling assistance to gather supplier data or follow up on payments
  • PCI compliance specialists provide guidance to help protect payment data


Ensuring payment security builds better relationships with the vendors you rely on. However, fraud schemes are constantly changing. Give payment security to REPAY! Our platform protects outbound vendor payments, any way they are made.

  • Reduce ACH return ratios using ACH validation
  • Assign access permissions and implement dual control
  • Confirm check validity before processing through positive pay
  • Securely store data with tokenization, encryption and more
  • Utilize custodial accounts instead of sharing bank account and routing numbers

Benefit from Faster, More Secure Payments

Digital payment technology evolves every day, and REPAY has the resources and expertise to keep you ahead of the changes. Rely on REPAY to simplify payments and manage the platform integrations for improved cash flow, streamlined internal processes and increased supplier and vendor satisfaction.

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