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Streamlined vendor payments, seamlessly integrated

Vendor payments don’t have to cost your AP teams time and money. Integrate innovative payment solutions to optimize and expedite how vendors are paid.

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Take the guesswork out of adapting your business to the ongoing evolution of next-gen fintech. With REPAY’s automated vendor and supplier payment platform, remove the headaches, security concerns and manual processes associated with making accounts payable (AP) payments.



From a dedicated vendor enablement team to secure, rebate-earning virtual cards, REPAY makes it easy to focus on building relationships with vendors instead of managing their accounts. Avoid late payments, increase operational efficiency and maintain a consistent movement of funds. 

vendor payment automation

Automate all outbound payments on day one. Electronically pay vendors using their preferred methods through our platform that integrates with your existing accounting software or ERP. Generate realtime, customizable reports instead of relying on tedious manual reconciliation.

Vendor Enablement 

Onboard vendors without lifting a finger. Our dedicated enrollment team contacts each one to identify their payment preferences and has them up and running in only a few minutes. Leave payment security to us! We store and protect all payment data on our end. And if their payment information changes, we track that down as well.

Virtual Cards

Minimize risk and maximize rebates through virtual cards for vendor payments. These single-use cards allow for instant fulfillment. Preset dollar amounts and expiration dates protect your assets, and you’ll never chase down another check again. Setup is fast and easy—you can begin earning valuable rebates in as few as three days.

What can vendor payment automation do for AP teams?

Spend 75% less time processing invoices with custom approval and payment workflows.

Remotely approve payments 24/7 and reduce trips to the office to cut and mail paper checks

Reduce reconciliation effort and time spent tracking down missing and late payments

Save as much as $8 per transaction by replacing paper checks with digital payment options

Implement a program in as few as three days, without a heavy development lift

An absolute win for our company
“The move to REPAY for payment automation has been an absolute win for our company. We spend less time and money processing vendor payments, the payment interface is simple and intuitive, and customer service has been outstanding.”
REPAY exceeded all expectations
“REPAY was able to get three times the vendor enrollments in the first 90 days that my prior banking partner had struggled to get over two years. The impressive aspect of this was that my team received no unhappy phone calls from vendors. REPAY exceeded all expectations. ”

Featured Vendor Payment Integrations

Simplify and optimize vendor payments with REPAY