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Omni-Channel Payments to Increase Collections

An integrated all-in-one platform enables secure, convenient payment acceptance from within your existing accounts receivable management (ARM) system. Omni-channel technology and customized payment options improve collections, increase efficiency and enhance customer relations for collection agencies, collection law firms, debt buyers and healthcare collection companies.

integrated payments

industry-leading compliance

specialized expertise

Consumers prioritize convenience and speed when choosing a payment method.

  • Convenience (34%)
  • Speed (29%)
  • Security (22%)
  • Cost (3%)

Collect More Payments, without Added Hassle

Experience the benefits of a powerful all-in-one payment platform without the need to learn a new system or software. Implementation specialists set everything up for you, so with minimal effort, you can:

Increase collections

Boost cash flow

Enhance customer satisfaction 

Reduce manual labor and data entry

Expedite workflow efficiency

Lower administrative and third-party costs

Reduce Delinquent Payments with More Convenient Options

Accept customers' preferred payment types and enable them to pay through any channel. Using the REPAY platform, customers can make frictionless payments using a debit card, ACH or cash anytime, anywhere, increasing on-time payments.

Benefits of REPAY

Traditional payment systems cost you precious time and negatively impact your bottom line. With a frictionless, centralized solution in place, you can save thousands by digitizing costly payment processes and gaining visibility and control over your funds.

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Speed up the time to revenue, increase on-time payments and reduce costs by accepting debit card payments. Too many customers relying on checks can lead to untimely processing and an increase in returned transactions, plus fees associated with them.

  • reoccurring logo icon
    Integrates with your ARM system
  • wallet icon
    Convenient debit cards with digital wallet support
  • paperwork icon
    Robust reporting for increased visibility and simplified reconciliation
  • money circle icon
    Enhanced security and PCI compliance with tokenized card data


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Specialized Solutions for Healthcare Collections

Provide more flexible payment options for medical patients while increasing the collection of past due bills. Offering more ways to pay without placing extra demands on your staff and resources means you can help more people resolve their healthcare costs.

  • Automated text alerts
  • Pay-by-Link
  • Online portal
  • Accept debit card and ACH payments
  • Secure and compliant
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Ensure Compliance for Legal Collections

Legal collections can be complicated, but they don’t have to cause a compliance burden. Our payment experts enable agents to deliver proper payment disclosures and client requirements to reduce compliance exposure, no matter how you collect.

  • Consumer-initiated payments eliminate costly and time-consuming Reg E requirements
  • End-to-end security for any payment type, including checks
  • Pop-up windows with counsel-approved and customizable scripts per payment type
  • Audio capture of consumer verbal authorizations
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eCash streamlines payment acceptance, enabling customers to pay their loans or bills using cash at any of the thousands of participating payment locations, including major convenience stores, dollar stores and pharmacies.

  • Simplify reconciliation through electronic settlement
  • Eliminate cost of cash management
  • Lower declines with guaranteed transactions
  • Added security with no shared personal data
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The Power of a User-Friendly Experience

Striking the perfect balance between function and design, REPAY takes user experiences to the next level with online and mobile payment interfaces that drive customer engagement and simplify payments.

  • Light and dark theme options offer optimal comfort and accessibility.
  • Platform is fully adaptable to your branding, creating a seamless and intuitive payment experience for your customers.
  • Robust reporting dashboards with realtime data and customizable filters empower you to make informed decisions for the future.

Benefit from Faster, More Secure Payments

Digital payment technology evolves every day, and REPAY has the resources and expertise to keep you ahead of the changes. Rely on REPAY to simplify payments and manage the platform integrations for improved cash flow, streamlined internal processes and increased customer satisfaction.

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