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Next-Gen Tech for Clearing and Settlement

Legacy payment processors are too big and too rigid to meet the unique needs of their ISO partners. Grow your ISO or Payfac portfolio with REPAY! Our team of industry experts can customize a program to meet your business goals through our proprietary clearing and settlement technology, simplified pricing and robust payment platform.

Payment PROCESSing

Access full-service, end-to-end processing capabilities, next-day funding and clearing and settlement for all major card brands.

custom reporting

A customizable online portal provides you and merchants realtime access to statements and reporting, including daily settlement, risk, 1099s and more.

chargeback management

Electronically manage chargebacks, from arbitration to representment, within our proprietary platform to eliminate paper and manual processes.

service and support

Industry experts are available to assist with portfolio conversions and implementations, and consult with sponsor banks on your behalf.

Full-Scale Processing Flexibility

As one of the only independent clearing and settlement providers in the market, you can provide merchants with a best-in-class payment experience backed by front-end capabilities from multiple providers.

We understand no two portfolios are the same and have built relationships with over a dozen acquiring banks so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your business.

Enhance the Merchant Experience with Elevate

View transactions in real time and gather insights from robust reporting accessible from within our powerful and secure single sign-on portal. Expedite merchant boarding and maintenance online or via API, receive webhook alerts for chargeback notifications as they come in, define various risk parameters and so much more.

Supporting Your Business’ Growth

Transitioning from a Retail ISO to a Processing ISO offers greater flexibility over the growth and maintenance of your merchant portfolio.

Unlike legacy processors, we walk you through each step of the transition process so you can more quickly meet your business goals.

  • Utilize existing platform functionality and reporting until BIN setup is complete – no business impact or processing gaps
  • Portability when migrating merchants to new BIN
  • Dedicated, end-to-end support through every step
  • Kick off your program in as few as 60-90 days

Grow your portfolio with us

Digital payment technology evolves every day, and REPAY has the resources and expertise to keep you ahead of the changes. Rely on REPAY to provide the tools to support your business goals.