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CPS Payment Services is now REPAY

CPS Payment Services has been an important part of REPAY since November, 3, 2020, and we are excited to officially adopt the REPAY brand.

While the name and logo may have changed, everything you love about CPS Payment Services is still here! Existing clients will continue to have access to the same product functionality and features, and the CPS team is now proud to be part of the REPAY family.

Save time and money and eliminate unnecessary paperwork when you simplify and optimize vendor payments with our AP automation solution.

Learn more using the below links.

Accounts Payable Solutions

From a dedicated vendor enablement team to secure, rebate-earning virtual cards, REPAY makes it easy to focus on building relationships with vendors instead of managing their accounts. Avoid late payments, increase operational efficiency and maintain a consistent movement of funds. 

Vendor Payments

We digitize, simplify and automate vendor payments to reduce the overall cost of managing your accounts payable process.

Vendor Enablement

We offer the industry’s most advanced vendor enrollment and management approach – which means less effort and more benefits for you and your vendors.

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