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Make a Report or Complaint

Making a Report or Complaint

Any interested party (including any stockholder) may report existing or suspected non-compliance or questionable practices with respect to applicable laws and regulations (including applicable accounting or auditing matters) or REPAY’s Code of Ethics, as follows:

  • in writing to:  Repay Holdings Corporation, Attn: Legal Counsel, 3 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30305;
  • in writing to Repay Holdings Corporation, Attn: Audit Committee, 3 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30305;
  • by calling the ethics hotline, a telephone reporting system operated by an independent third party, at 1-844-825-9481, at any time; or
  • by accessing the following website:

All reports should be factual rather than speculative or conclusory, and should contain as much specific information as possible to allow for proper assessment. In addition, all reports should contain sufficient corroborating information to support the commencement of an investigation, including, for example, the names of individuals suspected of violations, the relevant facts of the violations, how the complainant became aware of the violations, any steps previously taken by the complainant, who may be harmed or affected by the violations, and, to the extent possible, an estimate of the misreporting or losses to the Company as a result of the violations.

Any such report must be accompanied by the name of the person submitting the report (unless such report is made by an employee, contractor or vendor of the Company).

Please note for general HR internal complaints or grievances such as workplace disputes, performance concerns, discrimination, harassment, or other HR-related matters, please reach out to the Human Resources Department.