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Secure Mobile Payment Acceptance from Anywhere

Offering on-the-go payment solutions is more important than ever as contactless payments continue to rise in popularity. REPAYit™, REPAY’s mobile payment app, supports customers' evolving payment preferences by providing an always-available and secure payment option.

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Seamless Payment Experience

REPAYit enables customers to pay using a card or ACH from the mobile devices or tablets they use every day.

Available on both Apple® and Android™, we customize the look and feel of the app interface to match your unique branding, helping ensure a seamless payment experience for customers.

  • Make one-time payments in minimal steps
  • View all accounts from one login
  • Save preferred payment methods for future use
  • Customize recurring and interval payments
  • Access realtime reporting and payment history
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Push Notification Payment Reminders

Customize and send push notifications to customers’ mobile devices to increase on-time payments. Featuring successful or declined payment messaging, payment reminders or Instant Funding disbursement alerts, REPAYit supports proactive communication with customers.