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Text Support for Secure Payments

It is estimated that 6 billion text messages (SMS) are sent every day in the United States. Take advantage of text popularity and convenience with REPAY’s Text Pay. Text Pay enables customers to make payments 24/7/365 and easily message with support representatives from their mobile devices.

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Simply Text "Pay" to Pay

After a brief SMS verification and authorization, customers can pay using card or ACH by simply texting “Pay” to a unique number assigned to your business.

Directly integrated to your existing management software, Text Pay works in sync with all other payment methods. Every payment can be tracked in real time for simplified reconciliation without needing a separate system. 

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9 out of 10 consumers want to communicate with businesses through text.

Text Pay supports payments outside business hours and is an effective way to communicate with customers without disrupting their daily lives.

  • Increase collections and on-time payments
  • Send payment reminders and past due notices
  • Shorten call queues by utilizing two-way texting
  • Save on labor costs and put more time back into your business