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Virtual Cards Support Efficient Vendor Payments

Pay vendors and suppliers using secure, single-use virtual cards from REPAY. Virtual cards enable businesses to maximize rebates, reduce risk and save time on corporate payables.

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Speed Up the Way You Pay

Using paper checks to pay vendors and suppliers offers little control over the payment experience. Without any automation, manually writing and chasing down singular payments increases the potential for fraud, leaving your business vulnerable to time-consuming and costly mistakes.

Digitize outbound vendor payments using virtual cards to secure and expedite the process, and increase vendor satisfaction.

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Instant and Easy to Use

Single-use virtual cards can be easily added to, altered or canceled, and offer instant fulfillment. We support end-to-end control for you to set specific dollar amounts and expiration dates to further protect your assets. And unlike paper checks, virtual cards can be tracked in real time through every step, streamlining reporting and reconciliation.

Virtual card programs can be set up in as few as seven days without requiring a heavy technical lift, so you can begin earning rebates faster.

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Automate the Vendor Payment Experience

Spend less time cutting and tracking paper checks using our AP automation technology. We automate the entire outbound payment process, ensuring vendors and suppliers are paid on-time without manual effort from you.