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Your REPAY Privacy Choices Web Form

If you are a resident of California, Connecticut, Utah or Virginia, You can find out more about your privacy rights or find out how to exercise your privacy rights by reviewing information requested below. 

Want to Find Out More Information About Your Privacy Rights?

If you would like further information about your privacy rights, please see the discussion of such rights in our Privacy Policy, located HERE.

What Right Would You Like to Exercise?
Note:  If you would like to exercise your rights under U.S. Privacy Laws with respect to personal information that we collect on behalf of a business that has contracted with us to provide payment services to you (a “REPAY Client”), please contact that REPAY Client.  If you would like to exercise your rights with respect to personal information other than that which we have collected for REPAY Clients, then please specify which right you would like to exercise from the list below.

To exercise your privacy rights, please provide the following information:

The form below requests the information that we need to confirm your identity in our records in order to respond to and process your request to exercise your privacy rights.  In order to confirm your identity, please provide the following personal information:

When Can I Expect a Response to My Request?  

We will aim to complete your request as soon as reasonably practicable and consistent with any applicable laws. You will receive a response to the email address entered into the forms above.