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Better Vendor Management

Between stacks of paperwork and endless phone calls, paying vendors and suppliers and managing their payment preferences requires significant manual effort. With REPAY, you can simplify the process, automating outbound vendor payments and leaving vendor enrollment and management to us.

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Stress-Free Updates for Simplified Management

Our dedicated team of enrollment specialists handles all vendor account setup and updates, no matter their payment requirements, and saves their information in our PCI-compliant environment.

Full-service enrollment supports digital payment methods, including rebate-earning virtual cards and ACH, so vendors and suppliers get paid on time and you spend less time tracking lost payments.

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Easy & Efficient Enrollment

We offer the industry’s most advanced vendor enrollment approach – which means less effort for AP teams.

  • Automated payment type determinations
  • In-house team of specialists who understand vendor needs and pain points
  • Substantial vendor network with 46% growth over the last two years
  • Multiple advanced enrollment techniques to maximize electronic payments

NEW VENDOR Verification

Our system checks to see if a vendor exists; if not, we contact them to determine their preferred payment method and set them up.

Outdated payment Info

We receive alerts for returned or expired payment data to then contact vendors for updated information.

Streamlined System

After enrollment and funds are confirmed, payments can be made with the click of a button.

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AP Automation for Any Industry

Our AP automation solutions work for any business that wants to streamline its vendor payments process. Backed by years of experience, we designed our platform to be customizable for your industry and your business to maximize efficiency, eliminate clunky paper processes and save valuable time and resources.

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Hear From Our Clients

“The move to REPAY for payment automation has been an absolute win for our company. We spend less time and money processing vendor payments, the payment interface is simple and intuitive, and customer service has been outstanding.”